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     Hong Kong power tools, animal husbandry full introduction of the enemy core technology in Germany, with a group of experts capable of engineering and technology, with sophisticated world-class manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and systems through the rigorous training of skilled staff for the full professional power tools to build China's top industry brands , to lay a solid foundation.
Advanced automation equipment, scientific management mechanism, strict specification of the production process, comprehensive quality control inspection system, will fully protect the details of each product.
     The enemy, animal husbandry, high professionalism, high moral conduct, will be a high degree of professionalism, focus on the production of China's top professional power tools
     The enemy's tools, animal husbandry, it is bound to become the first choice for the professional work of experts and equipment.
     The enemy, animal husbandry, China's top manufacturer of power tools - to ensure your confidence!

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